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What are Smart Light Bulbs?

A smart light bulb is an internet-capable LED light bulb that allows lighting to be customised, scheduled and controlled remotely. Smart light bulbs are among the most immediately successful offerings in the growing category of home automation and Internet of Things (IoT) products.

With the integration of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other proprietary connections for home automation systems, smart light bulbs can be controlled through a mobile app or a home/building automation hub, and individual bulbs can be programmed to change output in a specific manner.

The smart light bulb’s internet connectivity makes it possible for vendors to use edge computing and equip smart light bulbs with additional features like built-in cameras, built-in speakers and presence-sensing capability. Many types of smart light bulbs enable the home or building manager to control brightness, and even colour of the bulb.

What is a Smart Light Bulb

Enough Talk, Where Do I Buy Smart Light Bulbs?